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About Us

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are the Rigdons, Matt, Sara, Katie and Connor.  We personally take care of our 6 vacation cabins here in the beautiful blue ridge mountains of NC. We live in the area and we strive to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  So know that we are close and will do our best to help with any unforseen problems that arise.   Matt is a jack of all trades and can do just about anything.  If he can't do it he knows someone that can.  He is also owner and operator of a small excavating company.   Sara has been an Registered nurse for 25 years specializing in Home Health however is no longer practicing and working full time with the cabins and our bernedoodle breeding program.  She has also been a Part time basketball coach for many years.  We are also foster parents and love helping children in need of safe homes. Sara will be the one who answers your calls, emails or texts and takes care of the business side of the rentals. Katie is a married. She works as a physical therapist assistant at a local nursing home. She is a talented in art and music. She loves to write stories and play her guitar.  Connor is our miracle baby. You can read his story in our cabins. He has had a rough start to life with 9 different surgeries but he is a true blessing.  He graduated from Liberty University to fulfill his call to youth ministry. He loves music and playing basketball.  In 2003 Matt who is a very ambitious person decided he wanted to build a log cabin. So with no previous experience he tackled the task. In the summer of 2005 he finally finished it. Then Sara decided it turned out so good that she wanted to use it as a vacation home for others to enjoy here in the mountains. That first cabin had a huge walnut tree in the front yard so that is where our name came from.  Since then we have built several more and remodeled several for vacations rentals.  Mtn Memories was remodeled in May 2016. We named it "Mtn Memories" cabin because this used to be our family home for 12 years. Now Mtn Memories is our Daughter Katie's home and is not longer on the rental program. Little Bear was finished in January 2016. Mountaineer Cabin finished in November 2016. Little Elk cabin finished August 2017. Country Bumpkin cabin finished July 2018.  Our last remodel Creekside Blessings cabin was finished the end of December 2018.

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